March 15th - 19th 2017

Amir Javasoul

A  native  of  Tehran,  Amir  Javasoul  began  DJing  after  being inspired  by  the style  and productions of  Chicago  house legend  Derrick  Carter. Following his beginnings  in  the  Montreal  rave  scene,  he  soon  began  playing  parties  and refining  his  skills,  paving  the  way  for  the  next  chapter.  Moving  to  Paris  in 2001,  Amir  would  hold  residencies  at  many  of  the  clubs  in  the city:  Queen, Studio  287,  Terassa,  RedLight  as  well  as  PlastikPeople.  He  would  go  on  to tour throughout Europe and North America and play venues such as The End, Ministry of Sound London, Pacha Ibiza, Crystal Istanbul, Boa Toronto or Cafe d’Anvers.

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