March 15th - 19th 2017

Frank & Tony

Brooklyn’s Frank & Tony teamed up in 2011 to found Scissor & Thread. Their close collaboration on the label, in the studio and in performance has yielded increasingly sophisticated and accomplished music spanning a broad range of projects. Resident Advisor named Scissor and Thread one of the Top 20 Labels of the Year in 2014 and has observed of Frank & Tony, “[there is] a unique creative alchemy between the two.”

Their studio output began with a streak of six “Frank & Tony presents… “ EPs which upped the ante on the sweet dreamy pop and blissful house of the day, famously launching the career of their protege, Bob Moses, in the process. 2014 saw the release of the duo’s debut album, ”You Go Girl,” a decidedly grittier examination of deep house at it’s roots which featured the epic “Companion,” their premiere co-producton with now frequent collaborator DJ Sprinkles. “You Go Girl” reflected a deeply textured and dynamic approach to music production informed by the duo’s obsessive hunt for obscure deep house records. Pitchfork was amongst many in the media heaping praise on the album when they described it as “an eloquent study and display of deep house’s sound palette.”

It is however in the DJ booth, where Frank & Tony are most in their element. Driven by a rare dedication to the time honored craft of DJing, the duo have stubbornly refused to embrace the conveniences of digital technology, opting to play exclusively on vinyl using rotary mixers. Their high-minded, deliberately restrained approach to the dancefloor rewards patient audiences with spellbinding 8 hour journeys, the hallmark of their “Punch Drunk Love” residency held in Output’s Panther Room since 2013, and the stuff of legend when unleashed on unsuspecting masses at events such as The Cityfox Experience’s closing of the Brookyn Mirage (summer 2015), or the closing set following Dixon on the Robot Heart bus at this past April’s Further Future festival.

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