March 15th - 19th 2017

Fur Coat

Hailing originally from Venezuela, and now based in Barcelona, Fur Coat’  s story is one of passion for techno and electronic music. It’  s a tale of deep, dark driven beats and rolling grooves that both encapsulates the mind and moves the feet. It was this love of music that in 2004 brought Sergio Muñoz and Israel Sunshine together and led to a musical intertwining which woulddrape itself over the shoulders of the music industry. In 2010 Crosstown Rebels founder Damian Lazarus unearthed Fur Coat and promptly signed and released their debut EP “Space Ballad”.

However It would be their release ‘  You and I’  featuring vocals from Cari Golden in 2012 that would put the name Fur Coat on the tongue of weekend warriors across the globe. ‘ You and I’  became a global anthem and added fuel to the Fur Coat fire that was already blazing bright.

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