March 15th - 19th 2017

Ion Ludwig

Ion Ludwig’s musical influences are very wide and not only have been marked by for instance his early encounters with playing acoustic guitar or African drums but equally, if not more importantly, those acquired by his travels and the exposure to different cultures which contribute as major influences to his work.

On labels like Alphahouse, Stock 5, Resopal, Thema and later on Motiv Bank, and his own imprint Quagmire LTD he brought intricate and sophisticated minimal house and techno records, picked up by the masters of underground culture.

The true artistic dedication with its attention to detail and beauty are so evident in this piece of work, not only for its wide musical diversity covering jazz, funk, disco, house and techno and its marvelous competency in production skills but also the entire ethos and artistic concept around it which tells us a lot about the artist and his dedication to art in its purest form. It was released to a limited 200 copies with the unique touch on hand-making all the artwork, record covers were manually printed and stamps were given to each side of each record.

On stage his live performances take place with the eye and ear set on the musical ‘horizon’. Combining drum machines and synthesizers with a laptop and recordings from older and newer work his sound radiates a never-ending story and energy.

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