March 15th - 19th 2017

Tara Brooks

Tara Brooks has been dubbed “Mistress of Dark, Lover of Light,” which is a true testament to her musical style. She brings to the dance floor a unique and hypnotic fusion of house and techno that has captivated crowds in clubs, festivals, and deserts alike. Her amiable, spirited personality directly translates into her DJ sets and productions, enchanting partygoers both on and off the dance floor.

Houston’s rave scene was a starting point for Tara in the late 90s, and even after she moved to the West Coast, she often traveled between San Francisco and San Diego to partake in California’s own bustling scene. Working in the hospitality industry allowed her the freedom to go out often and encounter new sounds, whether it was Mark Farina’s rendition of House music or John Digweed’s renowned style of Progressive. When she wasn’t at an event, she was out digging for records. The countless hours she spent getting lost at her local record store and playing her finds at home procured for Tara a zenith of happiness and fulfillment. It was not long before she had amassed quite a collection and taught herself how to thread musical stories of her own.

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