March 15th - 19th 2017

Âme (Live)

After a long night of dancing, many night club patrons leave the venue with a certain  track stuck  in  their  heads.  But  for  Âme,  the  DJ/production  duo  of Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann, the tunes lodged in their brains are the ones they didn’t hear, ones not yet written that would fit perfectly in their sets.

Since 2003, Beyer and Wiedemann have penned songs that once existed just outside  clubgoers’  imagination,  songs  that  boldly  combined  floor-filling elements with conceptual conceits while maintaining their visceral appeal. As part of Innervisions, the collective/label they run with Dixon, Âme (pronounced “AHM”)  offer  glimpses  of  the  future  of  electronic  music  through  their  live project,  genre-melding  compilations,  and  an  independently  run  shop  that completes  the  connection  between  artist  and  admirer.  In  a  genre  obsessed with reliving the past, Ame are focused on what’s still to come.

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