March 15th - 19th 2017


There’s a joyful exuberance that comes from improvised music, as pure unfiltered creation meets with talent and skill to create accidents and moments freed from the shackles of structure and predictability. That David Koch’s early forays into music were driven by improvisation speaks volumes for the excitement and energy that emanates from him as a producer today.
Any artist will happily regale an audience about formative years spent listening to the family record collection, and some may have even started out with instruments, but in David’s case his creative arc began when he first picked up a French horn aged 6. It’s telling that he decided to leave behind the prescribed path of a classical musician and preferred to improvise, even before he picked up the saxophone six years later. Mixing a self-taught process with some professional guidance, David absorbed the heritage of his grandfather’s bebop and jazz records and progressed to joining the Musikhachschule Hanns Eisler conservatory in Berlin. By the time he had finished his studies and was drawn into the seductive world of electronic music production, he had already been defining a musical direction for the vast majority of his life. David’s introduction to the world at large, at least within the confines of underground house and techno, came once he adopted the DeWalta alias. At the same time he launched the Meander label with Fabian Geimer and Jens Körmer, providing an ideal platform for his unique slant on production as well as that of a handful of like-minded artists. Whether producing for Meander or Vakant, Kalk Pets or Cynosure, there’s a unifying quality to David’s music. As with all good artists it’s somewhat indefinable, but it exists somewhere between the rattle and tumble of organic percussion, the vibrant lashings of horns and the warm, rounded electronics. There’s no escaping the strong and determined groove that propels these tracks, but equally the playful energy and maverick charm belie David’s accomplished musical career.

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