March 15th - 19th 2017


Goldcap (aka Berge Sahakian) has roots in music based in an eclectic pool of genres since his earliest ages. Having grown up listening to all different kinds of music like psychedelic rock, orchestra, armenian, arabic, traditional indian, west-african, rap, instrumental, and many others, he eventually found inspiration and a deep appreciation for traditional & folk music from around the world. Eventually he was introduced to electronic music in 2008 and decided to explore the possibilities of fusing traditional sounds with modern beats.

Having picked up instruments like the electric/acoustic guitar, bass guitar, classical piano, drums and various different percussive instruments; Goldcap’s vision is to deliver an organic sound throughout his sets and productions in hopes of connecting people to the cultures and knowledge of music past. Also being a fan of poetry, films, ambient sounds, traditional instruments, and the spoken word, you will often hear him incorporating an eclectic array of samples in his sets.

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