March 15th - 19th 2017

Head Nodders

Head Nodders is comprised of Ali Sweidan and Danielle Bakhazi who met while sharing a residency after separate lifetimes in Montreal, Dubai and Lebanon. They were drawn together by eerily parallel journeys of musical taste and a shared love of movie soundtracks. Today their residency is in adjoining homes, one spic and span, the other a jungle of disarray, where they are out-nerded only by their partners and where the music breaks for bouts of competitive cooking to share.

As DJs first and foremost, they are most often found at Stereobar or Salon Daome, though in over 7 years together, they have run the gamut of Montreal’s hottest clubs and its coldest rave. This versatility, shades lighter or darker, bigger or smaller, curated for the time, place and lineup, has established their reputation as gracious openers and exhilarating closers. To their broad and diverse following, they are held as rare treats and trusted favourites.

As new producers, Head Nodders are crafting tracks that, like their DJ sets, remain fiercely loyal to both body and brain. By embedding cerebral melodies through groovey rhythmic frameworks, they keep the feet moving an

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