March 15th - 19th 2017


As resident at Paris’ legendary Rex Club, Molly has established herself as one of the city’s brightest talents, combining passion, integrity and talent to launch a successful DJ career and producing several key releases for labels such as AKU, Karlovak, All Inn and Rekids. Through hard work and dedication to her craft Molly has built up a sterling reputation, traveling across Europe to play at some of the continent’s most influential clubs, as well as picking up bookings further afield in South & North America, Asia and Australia. A polished DJ, accomplished producer, A&R and now a label owner too, with RDV, Molly is a professional who embodies the true spirit of house and techno.

Molly’s long-running love affair with house and techno began when she heard club music during a trip to London. When she returned to France, Molly began to delve deeper into electronic music. After finishing her Masters in Communication, she picked up a permanent role at Rex Club, where she became head of the venue’s communications and PR, as well as A&R for a couple of years at the launch of Rex Club Music label.

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