March 15th - 19th 2017

Nicolas Matar

Matar’s been crowding dance floors as a DJ since he was just 15 years old and working at the legendary Washington, D.C. dance club Fifth Column. From there, he went on to spin at Ibiza’s internationally recognized Pacha before landing in New York and opening the celebrated Meatpacking District mainstay Cielo. Through all of this, Matar kept his ears to the ground and his feet on the dance floor as he circled the globe to take in the latest in club culture. “I am someone who travels the world constantly, going to music festivals and hearing DJs,” he says. “I’m a true participant.”

Nowhere is that more apparent than at Output, Matar’s multi-venue Brooklyn dance club, which boasts a one-of-a-kind Funktion-One sound system and is widely considered to be the premier destination in North America. “Before Output opened, I started spending a lot of time in Berlin, where I became a regular at Berghain and Panorama,” Matar says, naming two of Europe’s best-known clubs. “It was becoming harder to attract music aficionados to Cielo’s Manhattan neighborhood, so I decided I wanted to open a Berlin-inspired club in Williamsburg.”

Matar’s music-first viewpoint has informed his no photo policy at Output.  “What really appealed to me about the nightlife scene in Berlin is that people are not engaging in social media when they’re out,” Matar says. “That inspired me to do the same thing at Output; photography is strictly forbidden.” His no frills approach to music and nightlife has garnered him fans internationally.

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