March 15th - 19th 2017

Le Refuge (Night Venue)

Completely renovated, the Refuge is most loved for it’s open air ambiance at night. Situated in between Maho beach and Simpson Bay this venue is conveniently located and is an SXM Festival shuttle stop.

Lotus (Night Venue)

Located in Simpson Bay, Lotus is a perfect location after hours.

Loterie Farm (Jungle Party)

Set deep in the interior of the island, Loterie farm is 54 hectares of lush tropical jungle.

Sandyline (VIP Party)

This $30,000,000 dollar Villa is located in Terres Basses and is once again the setting for our VIP party!

Layla’s (Sunrise Venue)

Strategically picked for the ultimate sunrise setting.

Transportation & Venue Map

Happy Bay (Main Venue)

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