March 15th - 19th 2017
Start researching the best flight route and prices to Saint Marteen with Google flights. Set alerts for a few flight options and dates to see what your best route and prices could be. For the best deals, plan to book your flight between September and December for the best deals.  If you don’t book early you may experience limited seat options and layovers, so don’t delay. If you find a direct flight, or a flight with a small layover, don’t wait and just book it now!

You can also save a lot of money if you get creative with your flight to St. Marteen by visiting Princess Julianna Airport website and discover flights to SXM not advertised on mainstream travel websites. Those companies are Liat – Caribbean Airlines – Seaborn – Insel Air – Air Caraibes – Air Antilles – Win Air and even Copa who flies from Panama.  Plan a stop over on another island in the Caribbean such as Curacao (2h flight from SXM), San Juan Porto-Rico (30 mins flights to SXM) Pointe a Pitre in Guadeloupe is only 40 mins flight from the Grand Case Airport!