March 15th - 19th 2017


SXM airport is the second busiest in the Caribbean and impressively accessible. There are 18 weekly direct flights from Paris and Amsterdam and countless flights from the US and Canada.

You can fly directly to Saint Martin from the following cities:

NEW YORK – 3 hours, 53 mins

TORONTO – 4 hours, 32 mins

MONTREAL – 4 hours, 28 mins

AMSTERDAM – 9 hours, 8mins

PARIS – 8 hours, 52 minutes

MIAMI – 2 hours, 56 mins

WASHINGTON DC – 3 hours, 50 mins

PHILADELPHIA – 3 hours, 51 mins

ATLANTA – 3 hours, 54 mins

CHARLOTTE – 3 hours, 43 mins

CHICAGO – 4 hours, 53 mins

FORT LAUDERDALE – 2 hours, 57 mins

Flights to Saint-Martin

Saint Martin can also be reached from cities like LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Detroit and most places in Europe and South America with a short layover.

Flight prices fluctuate so it’s best to monitor travel sites for the best deals and set price alerts to keep track of bargains that may appear. Prices tend to dip on a Tuesday so this is a good time to look.

KAYAK.COM · SKYSCANNER.COM · GOOGLE.COM/FLIGHTS · EXPEDIA.COM are generally the best sites to use.

For more information on the airlines that serve SXM airport, please check here.