March 15th - 19th 2017

What inspired or motivated you to set up SXM? Did it take inspiration from any other event or experience you had had?

SXM is a reflection of moments I have lived by being at the right place at the right time. I started raving in 1995. It was a very active time in the electronic music scene in Montreal. There were multiple “after-hours” venues: Playground, Stereo, Sona, Red Light to name a few. There were raves of 5K and more people every weekend. Montreal was on fire back then. In 1997, I picked up turntables and spent much time in the studio and that continues to be my passion. This was a natural evolution of total immersion in the industry. I went to Ibiza often since 2001, went to the WMC since 2002, did BPM from year one, discovered Tulum in 2008. Was fortunate enough to be at the jungle party SACBE in 2010. Was also present for the sunrise with Lee Burridge on the Robot Heart bus in 2011, did ADE a couple years and witnessed the tight production of Timewarp. I’ve tried to reproduce humbly some of those legendary times and share them with as many people on my favorite destination in the world: St-Martin.

Source: SXM Festival founder Julian Prince on the restoration of Saint Martin – Pulse Radio