March 15th - 19th 2017


Yep, partying is fun, but it’s never completely without risk. So it’s good to know what these risks – ranging from blisters and dehydration to the use of alcohol – are.

Hydration – The beautiful island weather encourages being out and active. So don’t forget that drinking plenty of water regularly is vital to your health and safety. Drink water at regular intervals, preventing thirst and dehydration, especially in the warm weather.

Skin Safety – Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen (don’t forget to reapply). Caribbean sunshine is strong and a sunburn will ruin the rest of your time.

Recovery – Eat, Sleep, Party. No matter how badly you want to party non-stop it’s just not healthy or possible. Take some time to recharge meaning eat a good meal, drink fluids with electrolytes, and rest – even if it’s in a shaded hammock on a beach.

To help you out if you’re in a pinch, SXM will have a medically supervised hangover station set up at the mercure hotel providing nutri drops and other recovery aids.

Alcohol – The use of alcohol is never fully without risks so keep track of how much you take and what your mixing. Being out in the caribbean sun is an added factor that you might be unfamiliar with. So remember to pace yourself, stay hydrated, and to seek medical attention if you see someone in trouble.

Hearing – Be gentle to your ears so you can continue enjoying music for years to come. Wear earplugs! When sound levels are too loud to speak without yelling, it is wise to use earplugs. Like this, you can still hear the music well, you can communicate easily with your friends and you protect your ears. Also, let your ears rest for a while. Look for a quiet place like the beach to give your ears a ‘pause’. When you do this, your ears will recuperate and you will be able to enjoy the music for a longer time.

We teamed up with EarPeace to bring you the best hearing protection for SXM Festival! Get our special limited edition SXM EarPeace set here and receive it upon festival check-in.


Don’t Drink & Drive – it seems obvious but we can’t stress this enough. Police have checkpoints around the festival to ensure you are not endangering your life and that of others.

Social Responsibility – Be responsible, think for yourself and care about other. If you think a new or old friend needs help, ask our friendly staff to assist. If you suspect that someone is suffering from a medical issue, seek immediate attention. Please take care of yourself, watch out for each other, and know that help is all around you.

Medical and safety – SXM has medical on staff to help you party safely. We handle all inquiries with discretion—meaning, you can’t get in trouble for anything you say to medical or safety staff. That’s the deal. So if a friend needs help, please stick around and help fill in the blanks. No one will hassle you. And if you think you might need assistance, don’t worry, speak up. Whatever you tell us is confidential—SXM staff are here for you and no one else.