March 15th - 19th 2017

The Value of Saint Martin

How your money will go a long way in paradise

St-Martin is doubly blessed in having both very well developed services on the island – from the best bars and restaurants to casinos and water sports facilities – but also giving great value for money.

You can take a dip in the clear ocean, then kick back on golden sands drinking a beer that cost just $2. Next chow down on some delicious Creole seafood from one of the many beach shacks for less than $5 a plate. Five bucks is also around the same price you’ll pay for that beer come night time in one of the island’s myriad bars.

Dining options are varied across Saint-Martin and go beyond the super cheap, yet super delicious beach and street food vendors. There are a host of fine dining options where you can sample world class cuisine for less than the cost of a couple of drinks in New York or London – the town of Grand Case is known to be the gastronomic Capital of the Caribbean. Being a duty free island, french wines and fine alcohol are priced the same in restaurants as the are in stores.