March 15th - 19th 2017

SXM Festival’s first edition was without a doubt, a roaring success. But take our word for it, listen to what the star DJs have to say about their experiences of year one.

Lee Burridge

“I loved the innocence of year one. There was obviously a lot of work put in behind the scenes to make it happen, but it still felt a little bit like a secret. There were groups of friends and like-minded music fans all hanging out and having fun. I was lucky to play Layla’s beach bar at sunrise and that really felt like a secret. Even walking down the path to the venue. It was all a bit of a surprise for everyone.”

Francesca Lombardo

“The production was beautiful, with falling flowers and leaves of different colours. I thought I was in heaven. I think I loved the daytime party best, on a charming Caribbean beach… However all the other venues were beautiful. You could definitely see the hard work behind the production. What I loved about the festival the most was the friendly vibe, everyone was really excited because it was a newborn adventure for all of us. I love the line-up this year and I’m really curious to see Happy Bay and how everything has been curated!”


“We’re very excited to be part of this festival in its second year in a row. The first edition of SXM was special for us and we can’t wait for this year.  See you in St Martin!”


“Raving in paradise. What else do you need? Thank you SXM for figuring out this simple formula.”


“SXM was an amazing experience last year with so many friends and colleagues on the island. It always nice to be a part of an inaugural event and look forward to being back for year two!”

DJ Tennis

“The festival showed an amazing potential. The vibe was unique.”

My Favourite Robot

“Year one of SXM was a really special experience. What can you say about being on a beautiful island with some great party venues with a real intimate festival vibe. The festival is sure to grow so it will be nice to have memories of when it all started. Looking forward to being back again this year.”


“SXM Festival was an opportunity to explore and enjoy the Caribbean side of the world in our scene.  As a new festival, it delivered way more than expected, creating a very special vibe from day to night in many different venues. Great team and hospitality. I’m really looking forward to the next edition with the SXM family.”

Maher Daniel

“The first edition on SXM was truly a fantastic experience from start to finish. The mixture between the island’s beauty along with the friendly locals was over the top and made the experience so enjoyable. Placing a festival with such a high caliber line-up for the first run is not an easy task and it was executed with class. Looking forward to the second edition of SXM coming this March and another fantastic The Other Side Showcase.”


“SXM is one unique experience for DJs and the audience. The feeling of the festival is very friendly, and it feels like celebrating with the family. The island is incredible; partying, chilling and beach raving never felt better! The organization is very good, way beyond average. Very different from all the other festivals I’ve been to.”