March 15th - 19th 2017

Dear fans,

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to assess the situation on St. Martin. Our hope is to be back on Island to bring the third edition of SXM Festival to life but it is simply too early to make a statement on whether or not we will be able to do so. Communication on island continues to be difficult as cell towers are still down. To make any determination that we can deliver a quality event, we need a great deal of information, from many sources, which is not yet available. We remain positive about the outcome with both the French and Dutch governments’ absolute commitment to the island’s quick recovery.

Please do not believe everything you hear in the media. As we receive more information, there is inspiration and determination from our team on island. Yes it is bad. The hurricane was catastrophic and many homes and businesses were destroyed. Our hearts go out to those who have lost family and friends. We are also grateful that considering the ferocity of the hurricane, there were fewer casualties than expected. We must not underestimate the resilience of Saint Martin.

In 1995, the island took a direct hit by Luis, a category 3 hurricane. it was 3 months before water and electricity services were restored. After Irma, it took only 6 days to do the same. The island will recover. There is no alternative as the main industry is tourism.If you want to help Saint Martin, please visit as soon as possible.

Within 3 months, it is anticipated that the island will be cleaned up of debris. The beaches will be more beautiful than ever. Mother Nature is tough but she is also generous. In time, as the flora returns, St. Martin will experience a renaissance that will be reminiscent of the natural beauty of the island as it was 30 years ago. The weather will be sweet again in March with the 98 percent sunshine that is typically enjoyed at that time of year.

Nonetheless, as an organization it is our duty to look at all the options. Our first, of course, is a return to St. Martin. If necessary, we are considering moving the event, but cancelling our third edition is our very last option. We want to establish, with certainty, that there will be infrastructure enough to support an outstanding experience for our guests. Regardless of how we must restructure,  we are dedicating all our efforts in 2018 to the reconstruction of the island. We remain focused on helping St. Martin. Please continue to share this link everywhere you can.

It is a priority of the government that hotels re-open quickly. Villas are very well constructed but from their advantageous locations on hilltops and beachfront, they took the full force of the storm and have sustained significant damage. Insurers, however, must compensate within 3 months to allow for the repairs which are already being planned. We expect that 50- 60 percent of the inventory will be available for March.

We are waiting on official statements from the airlines about when commercial flights will resume. Cruise ships continue to come to port which is fantastic news. We hope the amazing chefs will soon be preparing all the wonderful food in their brand new restaurants and the lovely shops will open for us to enjoy. The sights, sounds and unique atmosphere that make St. Martin the precious gem we know and love, will return. The show must go on…

As soon as we have confirmation of all the crucial elements we need to invite you back for SXM Festival, we will be thrilled to announce that the most beautiful festival in the world will, once again, be on Saint Martin. The vibe will be electric and there will be nothing to compare to our return to this gorgeous island paradise. You wont  want to miss it.

Warmest regards,

The SXM Family