March 15th - 19th 2017


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3 Beaches by Boat

Explore both Dutch St. Maarten by waters, enjoying an exclusive beach hopping boat ride! Visit Divi Little Bay Beach where snorkeling is a must, known for its beautiful waters, thereafter to Maho Beach visiting the infamous Sunset Bach watching the planes over your head! Finally off to Mullet bay beach where you enjoy free time to bath in the sun and swim in the crystalline water. Please your taste buds if you wish at one of the local lunch restaurants along the beach while listening to the Caribbean Music. Perfect for family and friend groups!

The unforgettable Private Boating experience!

  • Included: Boat, Transport, Beach Time, rum punch, fruit punch, water soda and light snacks and escort.
  • Min 6
  • Max 35
  • Duration: 4 hours

Price: $159.00

Beach Boat Tour
Beach Boat Tour

Two Nation Scoot Coup

Activity description (50-100 words) Enjoy the ever popular “Scoot Coupe” tour seeing both the French and Dutch side of the island. Journey with us passing ‘Emerald-green’ pastures, viewing the indigenes life of the Island. Riding the coast, stop to interact and take pictures with the sea life at the Shores before heading over to the famous Orient bay Beach, delivering pristine crystallized beaches and white sands. Experience the mile long oasis or simply relax in the paradises tranquilities. Hop back into your Scoot and ride back through the first village of the Island “French Quarters” pass the old church on your way back to the ship. Featuring; Private Intimate Group, Personalized experiences.

  • Included: Scoot Coup, Transport, Free Beach time & welcome drink.
  • Min 4 people /2 bike
  • Max 10 bikes / 20 people
  • Duration: 3hours
  • Trips; Daily AM runs March 14-20

Note: Maximum weight 400 pounds per unit or 220pounds per person, must have valid driver’s license to drive

Price: $255.00 per unit- fits two people


ATV Tour

Ride out on the adventure of a lifetime. Join a caravan of your peers in an exciting costal ride and take in the beauties of our 37 square mile Island. Make the most, as you hit the coast passing our emerald green pastures and indigenous wild life as they graze in along the hillside. Take pictures with, or simply admire the “Sea Life” that inhabits our beautiful blue Caribbean Seas. Hop back on your bike and ride over to Orient Bay for a stop at the ever popular beach for a welcome drink and some beach time. Relax, swim or partake in the many beach/water activities along the “mile & half” long oasis. Ride back to the ship through the historical first neighborhood on French St Martin, “French Quarters” passing the first church built and French/Dutch border before reaching back to your ship. Featuring; Private Intimate Group, Personalized experiences

  • Included: ATV, Transport, Guided, Free Drink
  • Min 4 people / 2 bikes
  • Max 10 bikes / 20 people
  • Duration: 3hours
  • Trips: Daily PM runs

Note: must have valid driver’s license to drive

Activity Price $335.00 per unit- fits two people


Caribbean Treasures by Helicopter

Experience paradise like never before with an exclusive breathtaking aerial view! 
See St Maarten and the most famous spots that visiting guests rave about by air. Leaving from the Grand Case Airport, soar into the Caribbean sky viewing all of St. Marten from above. Bring your camera and take enchanting pictures of our 37 square miles and beaches to go with each mile! Marvel at spots like Philipsburg, Oyster pond, Orient bay, to mention a few. After landing, make your way to well-known Orient Bay Beach, where you will enjoy beautiful white sand, sun and crystal blue waters with your intimate group. Featuring; Private Intimate Group, Personalized experiences

  • Featuring; Private Intimate Group, Personalized experiences
  • Included: Transport, Helicopter Ride, Beach time, Welcome drink
  • Min 2 people
  • Max 7 people
  • Duration: 3.5 hours (10 min standard air time)
  • Trips: AM & PM

Activity Price $250.00 per person


Two Nation Harley

Experience St.Maarten a whole other way ridding in style on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Tour around the island with the wind blowing in hair and engines revving. Enjoy a stop for refreshments on the French side and take in the relaxing Caribbean air.

  • Included: Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, Transport, Guided
  • Min 3 bikes
  • Max 5 bikes / 10 people
  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Trips: PM Run 1 Day

Note: Must have valid license

Activity Price $540.00 per Harley- fits two people (The more people in your group the lower the cost)


Anguilla Intimate Island Trip

Capture the magic of the exotic Caribbean islands, cruise the clear blue water’s in an intimate boat. Better known as “the King of Charter Vacations” – to the Stars, exquisite and tranquil Anguilla is the destination of the day, delivering pristine crystallized beaches, white sands and an exclusive retreat. Playing year round host to enchanting backdrops and warm tropical breezes, Anguilla provides a perfect setting for endless fun and relaxation below and beneath the turquoise waters! Feel free to enjoy lunch ad local culture, at any one of Anguilla’s beach lunch restaurants. Let the Catered Crew pamper you with a variety of chilled wines or juices. Island-hop like the famous and treat yourself to the unforgettable Caribbean Private Boating experience!

  • Included: Exclusive Boat Ride, Beach Time , Wine, Water, Escort
  • Max 10 people
  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Activity meeting point: Great Bay
  • Trips: Booked upon requested

Note: Must have passport

Activity Price $2200.00 per boat trip and guide